Paysera Symfony2 Integration

It's a common need to integrate a payment gateway into a project. Even though there are many well known systems and aggregators like PayPal, RBKMoney, Paymentwall, Robokassa and so on, I want to talk about Paysera. It's another quite new payment system. They claim to have low commission fees for a convenient and wide range of services. Paysera allows your users to pay via cards and SMS. Integration is quite easy, but has some unclear moments during the process that I want to point out.

High-level Architecture of Payment Gateways

At some point we all face the need to integrate a payment gateway. It may seem difficult, but actually it's not. There are many payment gateways to choose from, but the good point is that most of them work the same way. You just need to understand the high-level picture and you're ready to integrate any of them into your project.